Revamped website

It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of our newly revamped website.

The website was initially launched a few years ago at the pleasure of Mandvi Gham's 25th Anniversary which saw a turn in the way in which we celebrated our Gham function.

We have established 8 teams within our gham who have team names given to them based on the small villages we have within the city of Mandvi. Each team goes head to head with each other to compete for the rotating cup which has the winning teams name printed on the trophy and the trophy is kept by the winning team . The teams are divided by surnames and grouped accordingly which means is all the families are together hence nobody argues about not having their own family members.

The competition has proved to be rising each year and the Social team within Mandvi committee endeavour to make each year more and more interesting for its members.

The 25th anniversary brought a positive impact to all and also meant the youth within the gham stepped up to the plate to run the annual function. We are currently working together for future ideas and events which the gham can plan. We would be happy for you to suggest ideas which may help us further inspire and retain the youth as well as all members within the Gham. Please email your suggestions and ideas to and the team will consider the suggestions and assess the feasibility. More so if you would like to get involved in the gham and its functions and organising of its functions please do get in touch on the above email and we would be more than willing to receive a helping hand.